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Minitube USA and Cooperative Resources International (CRI) have signed the acquisition of the primary assets of MOFA Global in Wisconsin, USA, as well as in Mexico and Canada. While the Minitube subsidiary Mexitube Alemania, will take over the MOFA Global business in Querétaro, Mexico, the newly formed Minitube Canada in Ingersoll, Ontario will continue the Canadian MOFA Global business.

With headquarters in Tiefenbach, Germany, Minitube was established in 1970 by Dr. Ludwig Simmet. Since then, Minitube has pioneered advances in animal reproductive technologies and currently provides products and services to clients in over 170 countries. Minitube International’s executive board includes: Dr. Christian Simmet, Dr. Christa Simmet, Rudolf Simmet and Katharina Rohrmüller. Together and along with the entire Minitube team, they are dedicated to supporting a positive business culture and the highest quality products and services to their customers.

“For nearly 50 years, Minitube has been a reliable, worldwide partner of the animal breeding industry. The addition of MOFA Global’s assets to the Minitube family is a significant strategic step to empower the Minitube group and provide solutions that deliver measurable success to our customers,” states Dr. Christa Simmet, CEO of Minitube USA.

­­­­Minitube USA, originally established in Delavan, Wisconsin, in 2015, will relocate and operate out of the premises located in Verona, Wisconsin. The new location will be equipped with blow molding and injection molding capabilities, clean room media production and a wide range of in house manufactured products.

“Our customer’s needs have always been the driving force for Minitube’s innovation and uncompromising product quality. We look forward to expanding our ability to serve the US market more efficiently through increased service and sales support,” states John Quackenbush, CCO Minitube USA

Dave Morley, future COO of Minitube USA adds: “We are thrilled to join the Minitube family and it is an honor to be able to collaborate alongside the Minitube team to shape the future of the Minitube Group. Their passion and dedication to making quality animal reproduction & biotechnological products is unsurpassed and well known in the industry.”

The teams at Minitube USA, Minitube Canada and Mexitube Alemania, remain devoted to providing the utmost quality sales and service support to their respective markets.

To learn more about the acquisition or to see how we can accommodate your company’s supply needs, please contact the Minitube USA team via phone: 800.646.4882­, email:, or visit our website:

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