At MOFA Global, we strive towards innovation, quality consciousness and dependability.

Innovation through continuous research and development allows MOFA Global to provide its customers with new technologies and services. MOFA Global has a rich history in developing products that advance industry standards. The following are just a few examples:

  • In 1991, MOFA Global again conceptualized an industry standard in embryo flushing technology with the development of the MiniFlush originally known as the embryo collector.

  • The popular US Bag, used in porcine semen collection, was developed in 1992.

  • Multi-line printing on semen straws was first conceptualized by the founder of MOFA Global in 1994. Early design and development conducted by MOFA Global led to the release of the TwinJet printer and subsequent printing technologies.

  • In 2001, MOFA Global redesigned the semen tube to include a convenient twist-off tip.

  • The IUI catheter was developed in 2001.

  • MOFA Global revolutionized CASA system capabilities with the development of SpermVision, now used for semen analysis worldwide. SpermVision was engineered by dedicated staff at MOFA Global headquarters in Verona, Wisconsin.

  • Continual research on extender and media inputs has lead to development of the highest quality extenders and media available in today’s market. The recent development of the Cell Shield Plus (CSP) additive provides for greatly increased protection to sperm cells that are exposed to temperature fluctuations.

Quality Conscious
Providing MOFA Global customers with quality products is a top priority. MOFA works hard to ensure that every product and service exceeds customer expectations. All proprietary products undergo extensive development and testing prior to release and are manufactured according to the highest industry standards. All MOFA extenders and media are produced in our state-of-the-art clean room and undergo analytical QC, biological QC and production QC prior to release.

MOFA Global is a dependable partner. From product development to inventory management, MOFA works hard to provide customers with a reliable source for top quality products. MOFA Global is an industry leader because of its commitment to excellence and to its customers. The following are just a few examples of what sets MOFA Global apart from all the rest.

  • MOFA Global is committed to the research and development of new products.

  • MOFA Global continually works to improve upon existing products.

  • Proprietary products are produced in-house to manage product quality.

  • Raw materials and product inputs are carefully sourced and tested prior to use in product manufacture.

  • All products including extender and media undergo MOFA Global's rigorous and comprehensive QC program.

  • Consumable inventory is actively maintained to ensure that backorders are a non-issue.

  • Suppliers are carefully sourced for quality and reliability.

  • MOFA Global provides customers with a dedicated staff of service technicians that quickly work to resolve issues.

  • MOFA Global welcomes customer feedback and is responsive to it.