AndroPRO Plus


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AndroPRO® Plus is one of MOFA's four synthetic long-term porcine semen extenders. The formula contains supportive antioxidants, fertility enhancing compounds and MOFA's proprietary extender additive, CSP. AndroPRO® Plus is ideal for semen storage up to 7 days.

The CSP additive allows semen to be stored at temperatures ranging from 10º to 25° C. Scientific studies and field trials show that extender with CSP maintains a higher progressive motility when stored at room temperature than semen extended without CSP at 16°C. Extender containing CSP improves performance and protects against temperature fluctuations common in long distance and international shipping.


  • Contains Ampicillin and Apramycin
  • Contains CSP
  • Makes 100 liters of extended semen
  • Storage up to 7 days
  • Storage between 10° and 25° C
  • Synthetic extender



Product No. Unit Size Antibiotics
13531/3001 1 Liter Ampicillin, Apramycin
13531/3202 100 Liter Gentamycin, Amoxicillin, Tylosin
13531/3800 100 Liter Ampicillin, Apramycin, Enrofloxacin
13531/3400 100 Liter No Antibiotics