ApX2 Plus


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Androhep ApX2 Plus is MOFA's premiere synthetic long term porcine semen extender. ApX2 Plus offers the longest storage duration of our synthetic or animal protein free extender line and with the inclusion of our proprietary CSP additive ApXPlus also provides the greates protection against temperature fluctuation available on the market.

The CSP additive allows semen to be stored at temperatures ranging from 10° to 25º C and maintains a higher progressive motility when stored at room temperature than semen extended without CSP at 16º C. Extender containing CSP improves performance and protects against temperature fluctuations common in long distance and international shipping. 


  • Contains Ampicillin and Apramycin
  • Contains CSP
  • Makes 100 liters of extended semen
  • Storage up to 10 days
  • Storage between 10º and 25º C
  • Synthetic extender