Androhep Plus


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Androhep® Plus is the industry standard and together with MOFA's Androhep® lite™  extender has been used with more AI services than any other extender available to date. 

Androhep® Plus is a Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) based extender. BSA offers stabilizing and protective properties to safeguard sperm cells against temperature fluctuation, mechanical stress and to minimize premature sperm cell capacitation that can occur during semen storage. Androhep® Plus also contains MOFA's proprietary CSP additive for a wider range in temperature storage options and enhanced protection from temperature fluctuation.


  • Contains Ampicillin and Apramycin
  • Contains BSA
  • Contains CSP
  • Makes 100 liters of extended semen
  • Storage up to 7 days
  • Storage between 10º and 25º C



Unit Size Antibiotics Product No.
100 Liter Ampicillin, Apramycin, Timentin  13527/0300
100 Liter Gentamycin, Amoxicillin, Tylosin  13527/0202
100 Liter No Antibiotics  13528/0102