EnduraGuard Plus


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Androhep® EnduraGuard Plus is an enhanced version of MOFA's premiere BSA based extender. EnduraGuard Plus contains MOFA's proprietary CSP additive which offers a wider range of temperature storage options and enhanced protection against temperature fluctuations common with long distance or seasonal shipping. 

Like all MOFA extenders, EnduraGuard Plus is manufactured in-house in accordance with our strict and comprehensive quality control program.


  • Contains Ampicillin and Apramycin
  • Contains BSA
  • Contains CSP
  • Makes 100 liters of extended semen
  • Storage up to 10 days
  • Storage between 10º and 25º C



Unit Size Antibiotics Product No.
100 Liter Ampicillin, Apramycin, Timentin 13532/3300