EquiPRO ApX2


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EquiPRO ApX2 Extenders are composed of a blend of glucose, sucrose, non-fat dry milk and antioxidants with a choice of antibiotic. This extender is appropriate for preparation of semen for immediate insemination or shipping. EquiPRO ApXsaves shipping costs as it may be shipped via ground service. 


  • Contains Timentin
  • Includes 100 ml wide mouth bottle of sterile distilled water
  • EquiPRO powder requires refrigeration until use



  • Pour entire contents of powder concentrate vial into the 100ml bottle of sterile distilled water.
  • Warm extender to 37 ºC.
  • Dilute semen as needed for immediate insemination or shipping.
  • Discard any remaining extender.
  • For more efficient preparation, store the distilled water in an incubator at 37 ºC.



Antibiotic Product No.
No Antibiotics 13570/0300
Gentamicin 13570/0310
Amikacin and Penicillin 13570/0320



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Cushion Fluid 13580/0001
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