EquiPRO ApX2 Test Kit


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MOFA's EquiPRO ApXextender test kit is designed to aid in selecting the optimal extender and antibiotic combination for each stallion prior to the breading season. Each EquiPRO ApXextender test kit includes:

  • 1 vial of EquiPRO ApXwith no antibiotics
  • 1 vial of EquiPRO ApXwith gentamicin
  • 1 vial of EquiPRO ApXwith amikacin and penicillin
  • 1 vial of EquiPRO ApXwith timentin
  • 4 bottles each containing 50 ml of sterile distilled water for resuspension


EquiPRO ApX2 powder requires refrigeration until use.