EquiPRO Reinforcer


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EquiPRO Reinforcer is designed to boost the immediate performance and fertilizing capacity of spermatazoa, making it ideal for reinforcement breeding.  A common practice within the Thoroughbred breeding community, reinforcement breeding is the process by which semen is recovered post-breeding from the mare and/or stallion, extended and placed into the mare's utereus.  During this process, semen is also evaluated and documented to monitor the stallion's breeding capabilities. 

In a study presented at the 2006 AAEP Convention, reinforcement breeding was found to increase pregnancy rates by up to 11.7%.

EquiPRO Reinforcer is specifically designed to improve sperm transport in the uterus and to optimize survival of viable spermatozoa in the mare's reproductive tract. 

The following features of this product are also noteworthy:

  • Clinically tested and proven under field conditions
  • Ready-to-use and requires no dose calculations
  • Single 15 ml bottle per reinforcement breeding of one mare
  • Manufactured using strict quality control measures
  • Each batch tested for optimal results
  • Includes Amikacin and Timentin



  • 15 ml
  • Stores at -20oC
  • Ships via Next Day Air



  • Thaw extender in water bath and warm to 37oC (do not use in microwave)
  • Pour into a clean 50 ml conical tube
  • Add filtered, recovered semen and load breeding syringe for insemination



Product Product No.
Conical Tubes: 50 ml, free-standing, 25/bag 17220/0017
Water Bath: 2 L 14080/9726
Zeiss Primo Star microscope 12006/0017
Zeiss AxioLab upright phase contrast microscope 12006/0021