EquiPRO® CoolGuard


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Ready to Use Equine Semen Extender, 100 ml with Timentin


A ready-to-use formula composed of a blend of glucose, non-fat dry milk and antioxidants. For preparation of semen requiring immediate insemination, shipping or centrifugation.

Research conducted at an outside breeding lab located in Kentucky confirmed strong progressive motility performance. Per cycle conception rates were also examined using semen cooled in EquiPRO CoolGuard for up to 96 hours. Mares inseminated with semen cooled for 96 hours resulted in a per cycle conception rate of 75%, which is 10% higher than the industry average for fresh semen insemination.

Available with a choice of antibiotics in 100 ml or 200 ml bottles.


  • Contains Timentin (1 mg/ml)
  • Ready to use liquid packaged in 100 ml/bottle
  • EquiPRO CoolGuard requires refrigeration until use


  • Determine number of doses to be prepared.
  • Warm necessary amount of extender to be used to 37 °C.
  • Use aseptic techniques when withdrawing extender from the bottle for dilution of semen as needed for immediate insemination or shipping.
  • Store remaining extender at +2°C to +8°C. Do not use past expiration date.

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Antibiotics Product No.
100 ml with Amikacin & Penicillin 13570/0421
200 ml with Timentin 13570/0432
200 ml with Amikacin & Penicillin 13570/0422