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EquiPRO  extenders are composed of a blend of glucose, sucrose, non-fat dry milk and antioxidants with your choice of antibiotic. EquiPRO is appropriate for immediate insemination or for the preparation of shipped semen. Additionally, EquiPRO saves shipping costs as it can be shipped via ground service.


  • Contains Timentin
  • Includes 100 ml wide mouth bottle of sterile distilled water
  • EquiPRO powder requires refrigeration until use



  • Pour entire contents of powder concentrate vial into the provided 100 ml bottle of sterile distilled water.
  • Warm extender to 37 oC.
  • Dilute semen as needed for immediate insemination or shipping.
  • Discard any remaining extender.
  • For more efficient preparation, store the distilled water in an incubator at 37 oC.



Antibiotics Product No.
No Antibiotics 13570/0200
Gentamicin 13570/0210
Amikacin and Penicillin 13570/0220



Product Product No.
AndroColl-E Single Layer Centrifugation Media 13580/0005
Cushion Fluid 13580/0001
Equine Transport Box 17229/0002
Insemination Syringe (available in multiple sizes) 17209/1050
Universal Pipette (available in multiple lengths) 17209/1265