Uterine Culture Swab


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Endometritis and uterine infection are substantial causes of broodmare reproductive failure.  Microbiological evaluation through use of the MOFA Uterine Culture Swab can be performed throughout the breeding season and during the first few days of a mare’s estrus cycle. Uterine cultures are used to monitor progress of chronic endometritis therapies, identify pathogens and relative antibiotic sensitivity, and to determine whether a mare is free of infection. 



  • Individually packaged
  • Irradiated



  1. Carefully introduce the pipette into the cervix so as to avoid coming into contact with vaginal or cervical surfaces. The MOFA Uterine Culture Swab provides protection from contamination with a perforated outer pipette which encompasses the culture swab within a protective sheath.

  2. Once the pipette is introduced through the cervix, push the protective sheath through the perforated tip to provide an unobstructed passageway to and from the endometrium for precise sample collection within the uterine lumen. 

  3. Take sample.

  4. Pull brush back into its protective sheath and outer pipette.

  5. Gently withdraw the entire culture assembly from the genital tract. 

  6. To avoid inaccurate test results when sending swab to laboratory for evaluation, use AMIES transport medium to prevent sample drying. 



Product Product No.
Uterine Culture Swab w/ AMIES transport medium 17214/2951
Steiner Cytology Brush and Uterine Culture Swab Set w/ AMIES  17214/2952
Steiner Cytology Brush and Uterine Culture Swab Set no AMIES 17214/2955
Culture Plate Incubator 15200/2000
TSA Culture Plates w/ 5% blood, 20/pkg 15200/0020
Cotton Swabs, 7", sterile, individually packaged, 100/pkg 15200/1000
Disposable Speculum, 17", sterile 17210/0000