Steiner Cytology Brush


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The Steiner Cytology Brush allows the user to collect cells from the uterus for immediate evaluation. An accurate uterine cytology evaluation can aid in the interpretation of questionable microbial results from uterine cultures. Additionally, examination of an endometrial cell smear collected using the cytology brush allows for quick diagnosis of suspected uterine inflammation. 

The cytology brush design includes a protective sheath and outer pipette to minimize the possibility of vaginal and cervical contamination as well as to ensure that only cells within the uterine lumen are harvested. 


  • Individually packaged
  • Irradiated



  1. Insert the cytology brush into the vagina and pass through cervix.
  2. Once the brush is through the cervix, push the protective sheath forward so as to make a channel for the brush to pass through.
  3. Indentations on the brush rod may be used to indicate how far the brush has been pushed through the distal end of the pipette.
  4. After taking the sample, pull the brush back into the protective sheath and outer pipette.
  5. Gently withdraw the brush from the genital tract.




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Cytology Brush & Uterine Culture Swab Set no AMIES 17214/2955
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