Equine AMH Test Service


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The Equine Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) Test Service offered from the MOFA International Center for Biotechnology, and available from MOFA Canada, is an accurate way to diagnose granulosa cell tumors in mares.


Recent studies conductted by Barry Ball from the University of Kentucky, Maxwell H. Gluck Equine Research Center, have shown that mares with granulosa cell tumors have highly elevated AMH concentrations compared to normal mares.  AMH testing can, therefore, be used along with a proper physical examination to help confirm a diagnosis. 

Granulosa cell tumors can successfully be treated to restore a mare's reproductive function.  They originate from sex-cord stromal tissue in the ovary and are the most commonly diagnosed ovarian tumor found in horses.  Granulosa cell tumors are unilateral and generally benign and do not metastasize, although isolated reports have been published on malignancy of the tumor.  The clinical signs include:  stallion like behavior (because of elevated testosterone in some mares), anestrus, and/or constant or prolonged estrus behavior.

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